About us

At Hearthoody.com we are all about spreading love and we want you to spread your love in your own unique way. That's why we made a heart hoodie for everyone! We create color combinations and crazy heart designs that showcase your unique path of life. Not to mention we also create custom orders.

Having a heart is something that connects us all, blurring the lines of division in not just humanity but all life. When our eyes connect with the universal symbol of the heart, good feelings take over. When you wear heart hoody products, you are subconsciously telling people that you are someone they can trust. You are making a statement that you have either passion, compassion, or both. Not only that, but every purchase at Hearthoody.com serves as a donation to a cause.

Right now, 4% of every order at Hearthoody.com is donated to The Children's Heart Foundation, helping children born with congenital heart defects.

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Spreading Love Your Way